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Tensile Membrane Structure Tensile Shade Sails Retractable Roof
Tensile Membrane Structure Retractable Roof
Facade Fabric Architecture Roller Blind Architectural Umbrella
Facade Fabric Architecture Roller Blind Architectural Umbrella
Home Automation Tent, Large Tent, Resort Tent Stretch Ceiling
Home Automation Tent, Large Tent, Resort Tent
Who is SingKanSard?
We are global group of company for tensile membrane structures and fabric architecture custom designing depend of the customer requirements and applications.
More over 10 years in awnings business develop our skills and technologies to the lightweight structures engineering by adopting the knowledge from Germany (IMS e.v.)
We are working closely with reputation membrane fabric manufacture in term deliver the reasonable cost of material to our client and the optimization to apply the fabric type on the project.
We also cooperate with various architects, engineer, contractors and owner to bring up the imagination become the real prospect
Our Team, Facilities and Capacity


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